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Ramblings of a Grobaholic

//If I could make these moments endless; If I could stop the winds of change\\


What's YOUR anti-drug?

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I'm a Josh Groban adoring fan and lover, Music fanatic, Broadway adoring, thinker, liberal, Bush hating, Friend Loving, Art loving, crazy, friendly, violin playing, Rentheaded, bubbly, sing songy, math hating, book lover, Harry Potter adoring, news junkie, Gilmore Girls fanatic, Daily Show and Colbert Report lover, hopless romantic, wanting to live in Europe and travel the world dreamer, Michelle Kwan and Figure Skating Fan, picture taking fan, Beatles loving, snail mail letter writing, foodnetwork watcher, Project Runway fan, smiling, huggable dork!=)

Joshua Bell and Josh Groban=Love! ^^

Josh Groban is Confessional Love